Back in Sydney now and it’s good to be home after a long trip home 7 days straight with fairly good whether we also caught a blue marlin on the way home and had a few other bites.

Season total was 35 black marlin and 1 blue marlin for a total of 42 days fishing. Was a tough year fishing this year for most boats. Bring on 2013

Stayed tuned for port Stephens

Finished our last trip a 3 day trip out wide and caught them real good going 8 from 12 ranging from 250lb up to 850lb unfortanetly we missed a real good 1 well over the mark. We also caught big yellow fin tunas and swam with whale sharks. It’s now time to go home :-(

Had a cancellation of 10 days so went back to cairns to take time off, just finished two 5 day trips one of the 5 day trips where very slow for us catching 1 fish from 2 bites @ 550lb. The other trip was good catching 5 blacks ranging from 200lb to 950lbs. Also caught my girlfriend Sarah her first marlin during that 10 day brake a small fish @ 200lb.

2nd place again at The Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic for the 2nd year running another great job by the crew Jeff and finch and all anglers Onboard. We released 11 blacks in 7 days fishing ranging from 700lb to 150lb. Hopefully do 1 better next year. Get in early to book this great week out!

A better 6 days on the reef for us and a good build up for us for lizard island this week. Caught 6 blacks for Craig and his mates from down shoal haven way a 700lb, 650lb, 500lb, 450lb, 400lb and a 200lb and a few nice big doggies up to 60lb. We even had a big black poke his head into the boat as seen on YouTube. Off to lizard island now!

Just finished a few trips did a 3 day trip and a 4 day trip for very slow marlin fishing as the blacks are few and fare between at the moment. Managing to get a bite nearly every day but only catching 2 fish a 400lber and a 150lber. However the doggies, Spanish and coral tuna are on the chew and getting the od big GT.

Just finished our first 6 day trip caught loads of mackerel, doggies, Spanish mackerels, coral trout & job fish. We only fished 3 days heavy tackle due to whether had 3 bites caught a 150lb, 500lb and missed a big fish both too first time anglers!

Just arrived in Cooktown after a fortnight in cairns getting the boat ready for the season. Did a overnighter of cairns with my girlfriend Sarah and caught her 4 Spanish mackerel and a scaley mackerel and loads of coral trout. Tomorrow our first trip is with Vicky a 6 day trip of the ribbons light tackle fishing and mabye a bit of heavy tackle fingers crossed stay tuned!

Late report for the Sydney Game Fishing clubs tournament a few weeks back, Little Audrey sponsored the tournament a 3 day live aboard charter in cairns for 1st place in tag & release. The fishing was very slow with only 13 or so marlin tagged between 35 boats for 2 days fishing, we went 2 from 3 for the weekend releasing 2 blue marlin both around 200lbs on 50lb tackle and jumping off a striped marlin we finished up in 2nd place being pipped at the post in the dieing seconds by loose crew tagging 3 striped marlin congratulations.

This season i skippered a 55ft Viking called Everwilling fished 9 days over 3 weeks and released 21 marlin, We weighed a pending australian record for small fry 10 year old Ethan Henderson a 74kg striped marlin on 15kg. The Australian Billfish Challenge was during the week of the interclub and we tag & released 4 striped marlin  and 1 black marlin on 15kg to finish up 3rd place missing a few fish to miss out on the top spot.

Port Stephens interclub tournament had 186 boats fishing this year over the 4 days we managed to finish up in 13th for the comp releasing 4 striped marlin and 2 black marlin, we where hard done by the first weekend of fishing loosing our sounder in the first 20 minutes. Well done to our 2 young anglers onboard Ethan and Erin Henderson 10 and 16 years old winning small fry and jnr angler.

Fished 3 days off port stephens this season driving a mates boat, released 5 striped marlin today  on 30lb tackle all fish where between 90 and 120kg some very nice sized striped marlin. However our day could have been alot better as we could only fish from 8am till 1pm.

Also a few weeks back we fished a weekend releasing 2 striped marlin, the fishing is starting to hot up in port stephens so give me a call today to organise a fishing trip of a life time.

Finally Stats for Carirns 2011 (October to November)

- Fished  37 days for 49 Black Marlin, 1 Blue Marlin

-69 Bites 50 Releases

- 17 Fish over 500lb, 11 Fish over 800lbs & 4 Fish over 1000lbs

- 2nd Place in Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic & angler Ken Klien in the 1000lbs T&R club

- Weighed a 1038lb Black Marlin Of Huston Light

Come book with Capt Daniel Carlson for 2012 and have a chance of catching a 1000lb Black Marlin bookings will fill fast so get in early.

After a hard run down the coast in some stiff 30knot southerly and 3 meters seas from Arlie beach to Gold Coast we departed marina marage yesterday for sydney in some great whether 5 – 10 knots from the SE and 1 meter swell. At mid day we decided to chuck 3 lures out on 30lb gear on the sounthern end of norah head canyons. How lucky could we get we released a 200lb blue, 130lb striped marlin and a 170lb striped marlin all to decky brady lybrager from the US, we caught all these fish in 1 hr and 20 mins hows the luck?

Great way to end a great season, where now in sydney on a short brake getting ready to fish port stephens from january to march so book now!

Just finished our final 3 day trip for the season. Did 1 days fishing of linden bank and went 0 for 3 missing a 800lber and 2 smaller fish. Then the next day we got up and travelled to myrimdon reef of townsville and fished 2 days there and went 2 from 4 releasing a 200lb fish and a 850lb black marlin from a double header missing the other fish.

2 from 3 today of huston light a 150lb and a 350lb, jumped a 600lber off as well

What a day for the crew on little audrey we weighed a 1038lb black marlin to charter eduardo read from the dominic republic. And not even 10 minutes later after draging the fish aboard we cracked a 700lber of due to the line on the same rod being warn out. Its the biggest fish as a captain i have killed at 23 yrs old couldnt be happier!

1 from 2 today releasing a 850lber  and missing another big fish

Day 1 of a 5 day trip what a huge day for all onboard we had 6 bites hooked 5 and caught 3. Releasing a 200lber and then back to back 1050lbs and a 100olber, we also missed a nice 700lb blue. What a great day fish where huge however not much jumping action on the leader.

2 from 3 today on the final trip 400lb and 200lbs. 10 black marlin for 6 days

1 from 1 today releasing a 350lber

just keeps on getting better went 4 from 4 seeing another 3 more fish 1 of them well over the mark! we released a 900lb, 500lb, 400lb and a 200lb. Got a young keen 14 yr old from the gold coast keen to be a deckhand in the future who released his first black marlin well done luke!

after a slow day yesterday we went 2 from 4 today releasing a 400lber and a 250lber, unfortately we missed 2 nice fish a 900lb and a 600lb black marlin. Fingers crossed we can nail a big girl

1st day of a 6 day trip fished of spur reef to get away from all the boats on the bank and released a small black marlin at 100lbs.

The end of a 6 day trip today saw us go 1 from 1 releasing a 300lber and seeing another 3 more fish that wouldnt eat, bringing a total of 6 black marlin for this trip up to 700lbs

The last 3 days have been a little slow for us getting only a bite a day and unfortately we have missed them all. However today changed big time and the fish snapped hard in the arvo we released a 400lber first and then later in the arvo we had a double header on a 700lber and a 250lb black marlin awesome day of linden bank.

Finally back on the water after a 10 day break to finish the 2nd half of our season. Had a late start today due to some late arrivals, fished for a hour and a half and released 2 from 2 both small fish but lots of fun a 350lber and a 200lber.

We have spent the last few days inbehind the reef snorkling, spearfish and baitfishing. We talked vicki and her friends into a day of heavy tackle fishing of huston light and we where rewarded with 2 black marlin from 3 bites, we released a 200lber and a 350lb fish. At the moment the bite is very slow so to have caught 2 is great.

once again internet service has been a bit low out of ribbon #4. Wow What another great trip with a great bunch of guys of the boat from jarvis bay “Dadsboat”. Unfortanately the trip got cut 2 days short due to loosing the controllers on the port engine.

Day 1-  Saw us leave from cooktown around 8am and head for ribbon #4 after catching some spanish mackeral, scaleys, coral trout, green job fish and a snorkel in behind the reef we decided its time to catch a big girl. The first black marlin for the day went to Bruce Murphy at around 400Lbs, the 2nd fish for the day went to Terry Harvey at a whopping 950Lbs this is a personal best for Terry.

Day 2- We where blessed again with great whether and even better fishing, we went 4 from 4 today 300lber to the Doctor, 200lbs to Greg, 200lbs to Criag Murphy and to top the day of in the arvo Bruce Murphy caught him self his biggest black marlin ever a 750LBer.

Day 3- Was a bit slow on the marlin front seeing not a thing today, however still had loads of fun inside the reef snorkeling, spearfishing and bottom fishing.

Day 4- We went 1 from 2 bites jumping a 300lber of and later that day we released a personal best for greg at 600lbs.

Day 5- Unfortantely we lost power to our port controllers and had to cut the trip short and head home.

Thank you to Bruce & Craig Murphy for choosing to come fish with SFS Game Fishing Charters.

Just finished a 3 day trip with the boss onboard in glamour whether off Ribbon number 4. We released 3 black marlin and jumped another off, 300lb, 200lb, 200lb. Fishing was very slow this week due to big tides and a full moon however spearfishing was great lots of coral trouts and green job fish.

Sorry for the late update as internet service was very low up the middle ribbon reefs. What a cracker of a tournament with lots of big black marlin and best of all we came 2nd in the tournement, lizard island black marlin classic is the hardest and most prestigious tournament in the country.

Day 1- Saw us fishing of ribbon reef #10 and was a very slow day for us only seeing 1 fish that didnt eat.

Day 2- I decided on leaving #10 early and heading down to #4 to get away from the fleet, this decision turned out well tagged a 150lber for the day.

Day 3- Turned out to be a bumper for us releasing 4 black marlin for the day, including a double header a 850lber and a 150lb fish, also for the day we released another 850lb fish and a 500lber. We also won the daily lizard island award for the most fish released that day.

Day 4- It just kept getting better for the boat tagging a 150lber and missing a tag shot on a 300lb fish, later that afternoon the big girl came up that i was marking all arvo and we tagged our 2nd for the day at a jaw dropping 1050lbs.

Day 5- Saw us miss a tag shot on a very crazy 800lber on the leader which ended sour for us cracking him off on the leader, and later that day we tagged a 150lb fish

Day 6- We released a show jumping 600lber and shortly followed by a 200lber.

Day 7- Very slow day for us seeing nothing as we had to start heading back up to #10 to make the presentation.

All up for 7 days fishing we caught 12 black marlin and tagged 10 of the 12, awesome effort from  the boys and a big effort from my champion crewman jeff hudson.

Stay tuned as im fishing for the most of this month, i will have videos and photos on the site very soon!

We departed hamilton island on the 3rd of september with a group of 5 spearfisherman making our way north spearfishing some of the best outter reefs you can imagine and bait fishing along the way to. The boys have speared coral trout, mangrove jack, parrot fish, scaleys, GT’s,  spanish mackeral & dog tooth tuna. On the bait fishing side it has been a ball 60 scads, yellow fin tuna, doggies, scaleys, rainbow runners & long tail tunas. The reef from hamilton island to cairns is amazing with nothing short of world class fishing & spearfishing.

We arrived to flynn reef off cairns last night to drop the anchor and have a awesome dinner and greeted by a massive queensland grouper, this morning we started with a bit of bait fishing off jenny louise shoal then the boys jumped in have a spear on the edge of the drop of where the doggies & spanish live, they ended up getting 3 nice spanish mackeral all around 12kg and loosing a few to the sharks!

At 2pm we through our first baits in of the season and straight away bang! a bite out of a small black  unfortunatley we dropped him, however a hour lately we come tight  on a 200lb black marlin off huston light to first time angler AJ.

What a great start to SFS Game Fishing Charters cairns heavy tackle black marlin season, keep a watch on my blog as my season unfolds.

Released a nice 600lb blue marlin of the gold coast today to first time angler tom murray on 130lb tackle, cant wait to start catching 1000lb Black Marlin in Cairns.

Hello all its now just a bit over 2 weeks until the boat heads north to fishing the cairns heavy tackle black marlin season. From the 28th of july till the 1st of august i have a stand at the boat show under little audrey, come down and check it out. Where giving away a harbour cruise and also have a great boat show deal to charter  SFS Gamefishing Charters during the cairns heavy tackle black marlin season, buy 4 days charter and recieve the 5th for free up to 6 guests everything included valid till the 12th of august.


Captain Daniel Carlson


Port Douglas Marlin Challenge is on the 2nd to the 7th of november this year guys and its the 2nd year running this comp, last year the comp was 4 days fishing and a lay day in the middle to play golf in port douglas. Im looking for a charter this year for it so please email me if your intrested and check out my great 2011 rates. What could be a better excuse to take a week of work with your mates and fish the gbr and release a 1000lb black marlin.

released a 350lb blue marlin to danny curtis whilst delievering a 48ft viking “diversion” to the Gold Coast. We caught the fish of smoky cape in 170ftm’s, this was Danny’s first blue marlin and it didnt take long to release only about 4 minutes after some awesome grey hounding on the leader.

After a short well deserved break I made my way back to the boat in Sydney, we toke 6 clients out on little Audrey to fish for some striped marlin we released a active 80kg stripe on 50lb to a first time angler, unfortunately our day turned sour after jumping 2 more off and raising a pack of 5 that wouldn’t switch ‘bugger’? Great whether great crew big thanks to Simon and the boys for a great day.

Little Audrey had a ladies day today fishing 3 female anglers Vicky Webster my boss and her 2 friends Karen and Francis. We set out at gentlemans hours 8am and fished inclose at the gibber going 3-3-2 for the day a striped marlin for first time angler karen and a nice solid black that danced around for francis all on 15kg tackle well done girls.

Day 4 unfortunately we had a steering problem that kept us from fishing day 2 & day 3 was cancelled due to bad whether. Little Audrey had a slow day today and only managed to tag 1 striped marlin switch baiting.

Today I started on my record fishing campaign on 4lb and 8lb tackle, I skippered a 40ft black watch “double trigger”. We fished in excellent conditions however bait was hard to locate in the morning. For the day we raised 4 marlin 2 stripes, a black and a nice blue we had a solid hook up on a 100 kg stripe on 8lb tackle and after 10 minutes we had the fish boat side on the leader after some exciting boat driving by myself,  Unfortunately it ended sour for us losing the fish on the gaffs.

Day 1 NSW Port Stephens  interclub 190 odd boats fishing the 4 day comp. It was a fairly slow day for most we managed to tag a 80kg striped marlin for  female angler Victoria on 15kg tackle.

Little Audrey departed from Sydney at 6am and made our way to port stephens to fish the interclub, We fished our way up in 80ftms and released 2 striped marlin and a dolphin fish for 2 first time anglers what a great day!

Little Audrey’s season begun today of sydney with 8 clients on a bucks party, releasing a nice 350lb blue marlin on 50lb tackle  to first time angler chris in 90ftms. We also jumped off a 400lb+ blue and a small stripey. Conditions were great as was the food.